Cold Beer. Great Service. Happy Days.

The Idea....

Having just sold the local pub that we owned, and thinking about the fact that we love catching up and enjoying beers with mates. We started to talk about the things that we would miss - the people were number one.

Always thinking of new ideas we started to work on providing people with a mobile bar option to have at their own party. Friends and family were often looking at ways to have a wedding, 21st or other party in a different venue and still have the options of tapped beer - Hence the development of our idea.

With Nicky having a love of trucks (She has her own livestock transport business) we skipped the caravan idea and set out to find the perfect truck for our mobile bar. After a few months of looking we purchased our 1952 Chevy Truck and had her sent to our location in Gippsland. Our local diesel mechanic then had the task of giving her some love to get her up to scratch, as you can imagine there were a few issues along the way. A young local business owner then set about to develop the canopy to enable longer journey's. We then worked with family and friends to adjust the interior to suit our needs and keep the bar mobile. These finishing touches, including the installation of a cedar backsplash, decorative touches. With our own liquor licence we are able to provide our clients with a full range of drinks to suit their needs.